Authentic growth for you & your business

Absolutely BS free

You have a lot to offer your customers, but how do you make that clear?

How do you reach the right people with your excellent services, making them say “yes” enthusiastically?

You’ve been looking for the answers to the questions above. You have taken action, you have satisfied customers, but you need more. You know that “selling and marketing” are part of it, but you don’t like the the sales pitches and the pushy tactics and you’re looking for a way to welcome in clients that feels right and that allows you to stay true to yourself.

You want to find a way that gets you the right kind of clients and costumers

There is a way to do just that.

And I love nothing more than to help passionate entrepreneurs who work for the soul, find the way that is right for you. So that you can build a business that stands like a house and is financially viable.

One of the ways I do this is by helping you choose inspired marketing strategies that fit who you are and the growth phase your business is in. No 13-in-1-dozen with me.

I also like to help you in your personal and spiritual development so that you also stand for what you do.

We make sure that what you do is right and genuine, and people feel that.

Being authentic in your marketing and working on your own energy are the ways to make a bigger impact with your business..

Working together on your success?

Because coaching is so personal, it is nice to talk to each other before we start. That is why I offer you a free discovery meeting. In this conversation we will determine whether my coaching is really what you need at this moment. And of course we will see if it clicks between us.

You will have all the space you need to ask your questions. This not coaching though, but it will definitely clarify things for you. And if we discover that my offer doesn’t suit you, I’ll refer you to options that are more suitable for you.

You can request your discovery session by sending an email to I am looking forward to meeting you!

Discover yoru Brand Archeype

A fantastic VIP package in which you discover what your strong points are and which customers you appeal to. We will create a Brand Guide together with your archetypes, which helps you create a strong and compelling message and energy in everything you do.

VIP 6 maanden Business Alchemey coach package/h1>

vrouw met laptop en geldbiljetten
Do you really want to get serious and not do it alone? Then this 6-month coaching programme is for you.

I will help you understand what special about your work, how we can highlight it more and I will guide you in packaging your offers and learning how to sell it well and easily to your ideal clients. I will also help you with your messaging and branding. You’ll build a sustainable foundation for your business that you can use to great effect and, above all, we’ll make sure it suits you!

Does this sound good to you? Do you have any questions?
Then book a discovery meeting with me so we can find out if it’s right for you.